After over two decades of computer-based graphic design, I’m returning to where most of us began–finding the joy and peace in doing something completely by hand. It’s not that graphic design is unfulfilling, it’s just that there is an undeniable satisfaction in art for art’s sake.


In 1991 a very good friend of mine was playing Little Martha by Duane Allman. I commented on how he wasn’t playing it exactly like Duane Allman. He replied, “I’m not Duane Allman. What’s the joy in playing it exactly like Duane Allman?” Thank you Kevin. It’s a lesson that stuck.

Fish art isn’t new. But, I think there is a uniqueness to combining the art of engraving (specifically the work done on fine shotguns) with fish. Their graceful fluid lines. Their explosive steely heart in the fight. Their armor like scales. It’s a natural fit to me. Add that to a background in and appreciation for art history and you have gravenfish.


I can’t say for sure where this is going. But I know I’ll learn a lot.

From day to day
Just letting it ride
You get so far away
From how it feels inside
You can’t let go
‘Cause you’re afraid to fall
But the day may come
When you can’t feel at all


— Hunter & Garcia




Cardo Lianez